Build Your Own Fizzie Saltz

Kind of like a bath salt, but not. Kind of like a bath bomb, but not. Kind of like a bath tea, but not. Fizzie Salts is pleasureful fusion of all three in a compostable package. Now that’s an essential combination, and an easy cleanup! Build a box of 8 and put some baths in the bank. 

Fizzie Saltz Options

Cleopatra Rose

It is the essential fragrance of rose petals that inspires this royal treatment for the pampered soul.


The therapy of eucalyptus and aroma of juniper berries are combined in this Downunder wonder-worker.


Rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and sage. The perfect response to knots, aches, stiffness and pain.


Bathe tonight in the aromatic waters of chamomile and calendula. Wake in the morning with a smile.