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Waxing poetic about my candles
After all, is there any other way?
Their tantalizing scents tickle daydreams
They do more than brighten your day.
My candles can make any day special
A wick of soy and frosted glass
Up to a day and a half of fragrance and flame
It’s a gift and a pleasure that lasts.

Our candle selections come and go with the seasons. Small batches ensure everything is perfectly poured. Tasteful packaging fits any decor. The winds of change are upon us. This season's flavors won’t last long.

Fall & Winter Candles are presented in a black glass jar with a copper top.

*Sniff Hint*

  • Drunkin' Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin got into the run
  • Naughty & Nice ~ spiced ginger
  • SOLD OUT! Home for the Holiday's ~ fresh baked cookies & pine
  • SOLD OUT! Date Night ~ "bow chicka, wow wow"
  • SOLD OUT! Northern Lights ~ freshly fallen snow & everything is quiet
  • SOLD OUT! Rosemary Sage ~ exactly A-MAZING!