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Chelsea is so attentive and professional (not to mention talented), and takes her time with every visit to make me feel like she's truly invested in *me* as a patient, and not just my acne. Chelsea has done so much for my skin and my confidence, and while there's no instant magical fix for acne/scarring, the difference she's made in 9 months makes me think she might be some kind of better skin fairy... ! SO grateful to have found her and this practice, I would recommend them to anyone.


I began as a nurse practitioner at CCD in January 2022 and immediately was welcomed by Chelsea’s
affable and inclusive personality. Chelsea’s vital role as an experienced aesthetician at CCD became
quickly apparent as I witnessed her positive interactions with her patients and began hearing glowing
reviews of her skin care treatments. Upon my start at CCD as a new provider in a new speciality, Chelsea
had been an aesthetician with the practice for over eight years. Chelsea’s willingness to share her
embedded knowledge of dermatology, skin care secrets, and cosmetic ingredients speaks to her innate
ability to educate and connect with her colleagues and patients.


As an esthetician, her knowledge and skillset are the best in the business. She takes the time to
understand her patients’ needs to provide them with a customized approach to ensure they get
the results they are looking for. She regularly under promises and over delivers and is well
versed in energy device modalities. Pair that with her incredible bedside manner and it is no
wonder her patients love her.

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